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O Our unique person identification technique is built on our objects based recognition and face recognition algorithms to detect and identify accurately presence of target individuals or objects in multi-camera environment.

Biometrics Recognition Systems

Person & Objects Identification

We build a complete security systems of Biometric Artificial Intelligence that can identify uniquely persons, objects, fingerprints or eye iris. System is fully capable of tracking multiple objects, Person Re-Identification on Multi-Camera systems based on similarity and appearance algorithms. Quantasoft system uses combination of Deep Learning, HW accelerated, image processing and image recognition methods.

Person Identification


  • Face Detection
  • Verification 1:1
  • Identification 1:N
  • Emotion, Gender, Age
  • Tracking, Re-Identification
  • Multi-Camera, Multi-Object tracking

Video Frame
Annotation (VFA)

  • Scene labeling/tagging
  • Object features for people
  • People Class/Gender – male, female
  • Age range
  • Pose estimation
  • Upper/Lower Wear color
Event & Alarms

Event & Alarms

The module provides highly accurate real-time event detections and alarms. These events eliminate the need to rely on the alertness or response discipline of the system's operator. Users define potential events of interest in advance and receive alerts when such events occur, enabling rapid responses to incidents, as they emerge.

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