H How can innovative Computer Vision technologies and A.I. help retail‘s customers spend more and at the same time have better shopping experience?

Next Generation Retail

Quantasoft Intelligent Video Analytics for Retail

There are two most important areas for Retail – Loss prevention (Save money) and Business growth (Make money) – thanks to our Innovative Computer vision technologies, you can find it both integrated into one.

Customer Segmentation


Get the Real-time and historical data busiest and slowest hours, days, and seasons.

  • People line Counting
  • Gender Recognition
  • Age Recognition
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Queues Detection
  • Entering Target zone
  • Staying in Target zone
Targeted Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Know where do customer walk through the store. Knowing customer flow patterns results in optimal product placement and efficient floor setup.

  • Advertising Personalization
  • Identification of returning customers
  • People Tracking
  • Heatmaps
  • Flowmaps
  • Dead Zones Identification
  • Customer Behavior Anomalies Detection
Retail Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Our Analytics provides advanced features that ensures flawless security in order to protect both large or small retail stores from theft and loss.

  • Identification of areas with most probable thefts
  • Detection of sweathearting
  • Detection of losses in shopping basket
  • Detection of losses in Self-checkout zones

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