The first step in the city becoming a “smart city” is collecting more and better data. Thanks to A.I. and Computer Vision it’s super easy to gather real time data of any targeted city area.

Smart City

Quantasoft Smart City Analytics

Quantasoft Deep Learning Analytics provides cities with wide range of functionalities that enhance city surveillance to prevent crime, improve traffic & incident management and shorten emergency response times.

Intelligent Parking


Our Video Analytics helps you detect free parking spaces and monitors the individual parking duration. Best deployed at parking lots, car parks, airports, railway stations or park-and-ride facilities.

Licence Plate Reading

License Plate
Reading (LPR)

LPR Video Analytics automatically recognizes and saves license plates on vehicles and matches them with the database

Traffic Analysis


Video analytics uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to automatically detect and classify video events from unstructured video data. The resulting data help can help city authorities to optimise traffic within the city or fix any incidents faster.

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